Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Different Camera Shots and Camera Angles In Edward Scissorhands

Low Angle
This type of angle is when the camera is at a low position below the subject and looks up at it, and it is used when you want to make the subject look much bigger and superior then they actually are. Here it is used to make the stairs look big.

Establishing Shot
This shot is usually a long shat that establishes the spatial relations between figures, objects and the setting of a film or scene. Here we can see that the setting is in a dark place, and a big room/area. Having the room so big, with a huge hole on the side, helps make the character look much more vulnerable.

Close Up
The close-up shot is taken very close to the subject. often the character's head or a different significant object, such as a computer screen, which fills the entire screen. Here, we can see that in both pictures that the main character looks weak and frightful. His face in both pictures looks like he has a lot of vulnerability, but the second pictures still makes him look like he still has a bit of power.

Medium Shot
The medium shot is a shot framing the human character from the waist up. It is used so that the audience can both see the emotion on the character's face as well as the body language being made. Here we can see the main character feeling awkward and frightened, as well as being nervous.

Point-Of-View ShotThe point-of-view sot is used so that the audience can see exactly what the character would be looking at. Here we can see that Edward is sitting down eating, with his arms at the bottom corners of the frame.